At Saint-Gobain, we believe the best ideas are born when teams are given the opportunity to come together and work as one. Regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical/mental disability, military/veteran status, genetic information, marital status – Saint-Gobain North America is committed to ensuring it recruits and selects the very best people for its workforce and at all levels within the organization.


Saint-Gobain employees team up with YouthBuild students

Equally important is the idea of inclusion. Currently, Saint-Gobain is working hard to redefine for organization what it means to have a truly inclusive environment and groom inclusive leaders. The backbone of this effort is made clear in the company’s Principles of Conduct and Action, which emphasizes the value of each person’s contribution to the organization, regardless of their background, life experience or personal outlook.

This work is led by Saint-Gobain North America’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, which provides oversight and guidance to further Saint-Gobain’s diversity goals throughout the United States and Canada. The council develops the ideas and solutions that ensures the organization nurtures and grows a diverse and inclusive culture. It’s goals:

  • Ensure the consistent, coordinated alignment of our businesses’ diversity activities
  • Assist in developing policies and programs to attract, retain and promote a diverse workforce
  • Help to develop an open, inclusive work environment
  • Ensure the adoption of best practices in the management and communication of diversity issues and opportunities, progress and results

In 2016, the company took several big steps underscoring its commitment to this work:

  • Unconscious Bias Training: Beginning with all senior leadership and now expanding to individual business groups, this training helps uncover both the macro and micro ways employees express bias in the workplace. The underpinning of the training to is show the ways bias manifests in day-to-day interactions so that steps can be taken to eliminate it.
  • D&I Day: The company held its first-ever D&I day in November, modeled after the United Nation’s Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. More than 20 sites volunteered for the inaugural celebration (expanding to all North American sites in 2017), which included D&I video screenings, the serving of international cuisine from employees’ country of origin, guest speakers and playing some of the best TED talks on D&I. The first of what will be an annual event, D&I Day was created to educate employees on the diversity within each and every Saint-Gobain office and start critical conversations and brainstorms on the topic so that efforts flourish.
  • Expansion of D&I Council: In order to ensure that D&I efforts do span the entire continent, the D&I council expanded beyond employees in Malvern, PA (Saint-Gobain North American corporate headquarters) to include employees from other sites, as well as from different Employee Resource Groups. The expansion of the team comes from understanding that cross-function and cross-location collaboration is the only way to ensure different viewpoints, experiences and job functions are considered in future efforts.

Says Tom Kinisky, Chairman, Saint-Gobain North America and Chief Innovation Officer, Saint-Gobain, “The work being done by the D&I Council, is an evolution of the principles of the company. We want to ensure that we have complete depth in this discipline so that we create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace at all levels of the organization.”

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