Explore Future Sensations

The exhibition is an immersive experience with five distinct ephemeral pavilions that take visitors on a sensory journey of science, storytelling and art. Read on to learn about the experience in each pavilion.

pavilion at nightpavilion - rainbowspiral pavilionpavilion ceiling from inside

pavilion 1, architect's rendering

Pavilion 1

A Reflection of Progress: The LOOK pavilion is comprised of numerous mirrors inlaid with LEDs and is a tribute to Saint-Gobain's tradition of glassmaking. By day, its exterior reflects the dynamic world around it; by night, it becomes a perpetually shifting cube of light.

pavilion 2, architect's rendering

Pavilion 2

A New Sensation: The LISTEN pavilion is a nod to the Company's acoustic performance materials. This "padded" cube is perfectly sound insulated and uses sound-unique "spatialization" technology to take visitors on an interactive aural journey.

pavilion 3, architect's rendering

Pavilion 3

The Stuff of Dreams: The COLOR pavilion is a freestanding carousel made of two glazed mobile concentric rings with custom-contoured multicolored textures. A kaleidoscope on an epic scale, this slowly revolving installation transports visitors into a dreamlike multicolored world.

pavilion 4, architect's rendering

Pavilion 4

The Art of the Matter: The CREATE pavilion is a true architectural feat – a seemingly perpetual spiral staircase that evokes the upward movement of mankind across the centuries.

pavilion 5

Pavilion 5

History and Future: The final pavilion, DISCOVER, exclusively designed for the Philadelphia exhibition, is an impressive 70-foot dome offering an immersive 360 degree visual experience. Here, visitors will learn more about how Saint-Gobain innovations and employees have impacted the lives of everyday Americans. Whether it is Delaware Valley-headquartered construction materials powerhouse CertainTeed, world leader in abrasives Norton Company or the dynamic glass technology of SAGE™, the full breadth of the North American portfolio will be on display in ways that will challenge and delight viewers regardless of age or background.

pavilion detail images

Safety Note: For our friends with photosensitive epilepsy, please read further details on the event for your safety, here.